This is a really exciting time for our family here in Central Florida!  But first, here is a crash course on the wild ride we have had these past few months.  In April, Caleb traveled to Guatemala and taught a week-long training school for Pastors from the mountain villages around Chiquimula.  In May, we graduated our students from the School of Biblical Studies and then found out we would need to move from our home we were renting here.  God provided in such an awesome way (again) as within 7 days of finding out we had to move, we had signed a new lease on an even better home with incredible landlords!  The day we moved out, we departed on the 1200 mile drive to Michigan!  We spent some time there reconnecting with family & friends and also celebrating a wedding of a really close friend.  Then we traveled to North Carolina (which we and Emmaus called home from 2011-2015), where Caleb served as Camp Pastor for 2 incredible weeks with over 300 campers!  Here’s one of the camp videos, it was a blast for our whole family!

17457887_10154881857051858_5982725261356761057_n 20106429_10155223306341858_7376562349694226251_n 1st Day of School 2017 img_23661-e1506454765686.jpg

We returned to Florida at the beginning of August and moved directly into our new home, which has been an incredible blessing!  A week later, the kids started school (Lily 7th, Grace 5th, Maya 2nd, and Faith Pre-K) and the staff of Emmaus returned together to begin a new season of the ministry.  Other than enduring our first hurricane!!!, this new season came with a new title & some new responsibilities for Caleb as Director of Ministries working with Executive Director, Tom Phillips.  Along with this, it came with 3 new staff members, a redesigned format for our School of Biblical Studies, some brand new programs to help Churches develop Biblically engaged disciples of Jesus, AND A BRAND NEW EMMAUS VIDEO THAT YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH!  This video is not public yet, as we will unveil it with our new program offerings in the coming week, so please don’t share it until you see it via social media.

We are so grateful for this community where people are transformed by the word of God & the gospel of Jesus Christ through the study of the Bible and intentional discipleship!  We’ve never been more excited about the future of Emmaus Ministries!  Even while we prepare for the launch of our school in January, we have a lot of activity going on!  Currently, Caleb is teaching a Seminar for 40 college students on how to Study the Bible, Tom is teaching a Bible Overview for another college group, and we just finished up a How to Study the Bible seminar with 10 deacons-in-training in the Episcopal Church.

IMG_2530.JPG  IMG_4064Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 1.45.40 PM.png  Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.09.59 PM.png

Thank you for your partnership with us in this mission!  Along with all that is happening at Emmaus, we are praying about two upcoming trips.  (1) Caleb traveling to Uganda to train young leaders in discipleship, provide Emmaus training for Pastors & visit the Heart Cry partnered school, street center & church there. (2) Caleb, Latoya, Lily and Grace to Guatemala to teach at Heart Cry’s Vessels of Honor School of Ministry & to work at feeding centers in the mountain villages there.  Please be praying for us as we discern best steps forward with these trips & seek to gather the necessary funds.

One last thing!  Caleb has also joined the team of worship leaders at River Run Church here in Florida as well as being a part of the monthly teaching team.  Latoya is also a very active part of the worship ministry here.  We are so grateful for our local church & for the opportunity to serve with the team here in Central Florida!

Check out a summary of the redesigned program offerings of Emmaus below, as I mentioned we will publicize these over the next couple of weeks, so until then, let’s keep them between us:

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 3.45.15 PM.png

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